The Futures of Intellectual History

To celebrate the launch of the Centre for Intellectual History, we are hosting an event designed to begin what we hope will be an ongoing inter-disciplinary conversation about ‘The Futures of Intellectual History’. The event is open to all.

The idea is to provide a dedicated blog space where contributors can publish short reflections upon different aspects of the discipline and new directions for development.

Alongside the blogs, and to provide a discussion of them, we plan to hold online events providing an additional ‘live’ forum for panelists and participants to share their thoughts on the future of this exciting area of enquiry. We begin with a series of blogposts by intellectual historians at Oxford, to be released over the next few weeks.

This event took place on Tuesday 20th April 2021. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our launch event. Checkout the CIH Events Page to discover the latest talks, seminars, and lectures in Intellectual History here at Oxford.